Towing Service in Vashi

Tow Diary :

Chapter : Car Towing Service in Vashi

Vashi the main hub of Navi Mumbai. Witnessed a fatal accident on the famous and busiest road of Vashi i.e. Palm Beach Road. The reported car was Maruti Suzuki Brezza which had a direct collision with a truck. The car driver dashed the truck from the front which was passing by the signal. The impact of the collision was so high that the car went back (reverse) and hit a non-moving bus. The car driver suffered minor injuries.

The car owner later found us online on towing service in vashi. After reaching on spot, we examine the car’s condition. The car was damaged badly from the front and rear as well. The front bumper, side doors, headlights, radiator, windshield, rear glass, boot space, etc were completely damaged. We also noticed the Left Axle was dislocated. There was no major damage to the Truck. The headlight of the truck was damaged. The robust bumper of the truck got a few scratches and dent to it.

Type of Towing – Since the axle was broken, we choose to lift the car from the front through hydraulic tow van.

Accident Spot – Sector 19, APMC, Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Drop Location – Automotive, Nerul

Car Model – Maruti Suzuki Brezza

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