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Every vehicle owner would have to deal with a dead battery at some point, if not their own, then that of an unfortunate stranger. Knowing what to do in such a situation is an essential skill to have. Before we get into the process of car battery jump start, it is important to check the cause of vehicle breakdown also.

Does the vehicle need a battery jump start?

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There are a few simple ways to check if the problem with the vehicle lies within its battery.
You can start by checking if the engine cranks on attempting to start it. If there is a slow crank from the engine, the problem is most likely with a dying battery. If it doesn’t crank at all, the battery is probably already dead.
Check the headlights of the vehicle. If they are bright, the issue is not with the battery and a jump start is not the solution. However, it may be the right solution if the vehicle’s headlights are dim.
Check if the power windows aren’t functioning smoothly. Low battery can cause them to move slowly.
Other signs of a dying battery include a reduction in the horn volume, a dimming of the interior lights and the lighting up of the battery light on the dashboard.

How to jump start a dead battery?

Once you have ensured that the battery needs a jump start, there are multiple methods in which you can proceed with it. 

I. Using a vehicle with a working battery:

If you can find a car with a good battery, whose driver is willing to lend you a helping hand, you need to follow the steps detailed below. Make sure that you always have good quality jumper cables in your car; your new friend needn’t necessarily have them.

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car battery jump start through another car
  • Ensure that the two vehicles are in neutral and that there is enough space between them for you to move around. The two vehicles must have batteries of the same voltage.
  • Turn off both the vehicles completely including the radio, AC and other electrical components.
  • Get your jumper cables out. You will find one red cable and one black cable. Now, it is extremely important to follow the instructions in the given order. 
  • Locate the positive terminal of the good battery. It is usually marked with a ‘+’ sign. Place one clamp of the red cable on it And place other end on the dead battery.
  • Similarly, Place one clamp of the black cable on the negative terminal of the good battery and Place the other clamp of the black cable on a grounded surface of your car. (A grounded surface is any unpainted metal surface that is at a safe distance from the dead battery. It should NOT be attached to the negative terminal of the battery.)
  • Start the engine of the working car and let it run for a few minutes. Then, try to start your car. If the jump start is successful, your engine should start. If it doesn’t, check your connections and try running the engine of the working car for a few more minutes. Now, try starting your vehicle again. 
  • Your engine should now start running. If it does, do not shut it down quickly. Let it run for a good 15 minutes so that your battery can recharge. 
  • Once you are done jump starting, you need to remove the jumper cables in the reverse order in which they were placed. 
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II. Using a working battery:

If you are truly out of luck, you might find that a helping hand doesn’t come your way. However, you need to remember that all a jumpstart requires is a decent battery and jumper cables. You don’t really have the need of the vehicle to which the battery belongs. So, you can still save the day if you retrieve a working battery of any vehicle. Follow the steps mentioned in the previous method, get the vehicle running and return the battery to its owner.

III. Push starting the vehicle:

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When you are unable to find a battery to jump start the vehicle and roadside assistance is unavailable, you can attempt push starting the vehicle. All you require for this is manual effort. So, find a couple of people willing to help you out with this.

  • Put your car in first gear and press on the clutch pedal all the way.
  • Ask the people positioned behind your vehicle to start pushing.
  • Once your vehicle has gained some speed, slowly release the clutch pedal and crank the engine. Your vehicle should have started at this point.
Precautions to be taken when you jumpstart a vehicle
  • Using jumper cables could cause damage to electronic ignition systems and vehicles that use alternative fuels. Consult your car manual before jump starting.
  • If your vehicle uses a lead-acid battery, check its water level before jump starting. Do not jump-start the vehicle if the water level is low.
  • The clamps of the jumper cables shouldn’t come into contact with each other when in use. Even while removing them, ensure that their ends do not touch each other or any other parts of the car.
  • Do not apply brakes suddenly while people are still pushing as it may injure them. Inform your helpers beforehand. 

If the vehicle doesn’t start even after following all the steps, then its battery may be beyond repair and may need to be replaced.

You may not always find help easily in such situations. Even if you do, jump-starting may not be the right solution and the battery may need to be replaced. In those cases, you will find yourself looking for professional help. This is where Roadside Assistance comes into play And Tochanwala Assistance will help you with it. Service is available at Multiple Locations.
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