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Types of Car Towing Service

Towing Service Introduction

Anyone who has ever been stranded due to a broken down vehicle is familiar with the need for towing service. Vehicle may sometimes refuse to budge regardless of our numerous efforts.

Towing refers to the process of pulling or hauling vehicle with chain or any such mechanism designed for its transportation. Depending on the mechanism applied, towing can be classified into different types.

Apart from knowing when and how to contact towing company, it’s crucial to know what type of towing to ask.

Normal Winch Towing Service

chain and hook towing car

This method requires a hook at the end of a chain attached to the tow truck and to be connected to the front (sometimes rear) of the breakdown vehicle. This method, also known as Hook and Chain Towing Services, causes the front of the vehicle to be lifted off the ground. As you can imagine, hauling a vehicle in this manner can damage the car bumper or the other, and therefore this method has become quite unpopular. This out-dated style of towing is used to pull out vehicles involved in accidents, those stuck in ditches, or for towing any scrap car.

There is another version of Normal Winch Towing. In this method, the vehicle gets dragged through a tow bar. It requires two drivers to tow a car, One who would be driving tow van and one would be driving the breakdown car. The tow bar gets attached to the tow hook which is been provided by the manufacturer. There are high chances of getting vehicle damage if not performed well. This type of towing is mainly used to tow compressor machines, generator machines or pull trolley, to which only one tow operator is essential.

normal tow van towing machine with rod

Hydraulic Towing Service

underlift towing tyre view
Car getting towed through a hydraulic machine.

The process is better than normal towing. Unlike in the Normal Winch method, the weight of the portion hoisted onto the hydraulic arm distributed evenly over it. This provides better safety to the vehicle during transportation.

Flatbed Towing Service

platform tow truck

As the name suggests, a tow truck has a flat platform to which cars or motorcycles can be driven or pulled into. It has become a go-to choice for most customers because of the safety offered in transportation. Premium vehicles are common to use flatbed towing.

There is one more version of Flatbed Towing. It is commonly known as Zero Degree Towing. Unlike Flatbed towing it also has a platform to which a car or motorcycle can be loaded. With the help of a hydraulic machine, the platform gets detached from the body of a tow truck and gets onto the ground.

Zero Degree Platform Tow truck

Closed Container Tow Trucks

Closed container body tow truck
Closed Body Container Tow Truck

A closed container body placed on the chassis of a truck. Making it the safest way of towing. Mainly used for long-distance towing of Antique Cars, Sports Car, Luxury cars, etc.

It is very important that the right type of tow truck is choose for a car based on a vehicle type and distance.

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